Casada Quattromed V

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The 3d massage technique in the Quattromed V

The Quattromed V massager is rather different to conventional massager's. The special features on the Quattromed V is the 3d technology and the two height adjustment settings. The Quattromed V also has a width adjustment setting. With these three features the Quattromed V reaches places on the body which are simply difficult for other massager's to reach. With the manually adjustable types of massage of the Quattromed V, the massager provides maximum comfort. Experience 3d technology in the Quattromed V.

Two height adjustment setting in the Quattromed V massager

In addition to the 3d-technology the Quattromed V has a two height adjustment setting. The two height adjustment setting allows the Quattromed V to restrict the area in which the massage heads can perform the massage. In addition to the two height adjustment setting it also has a width adjustment setting. With the width adjustment setting you have the option of adjusting the tapping massage.